"I recommend Govinda for his knowledge and skill, but more importantly, his developed intuition of the human body."

- Lachlan Scotland
 Rolfing client, San Francisco

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Govinda Bader, Rolfing in San Francisco and Berkeley

I have been practicing Rolfing in San Francisco and Berkeley since 2003. In 2007, I developed my own style of bodywork called The Barefoot Method. The Barefoot Method is a smarter, more efficient way for practitioners to deliver deep pressure without compromising their own bodies in the process.

The Barefoot Method is a style of bodywork that I developed from my experience as a Rolfer that blends the most effective structural techniques from Rolfing into a dynamic, floor-based method. Using my feet as the primary tool, I apply, slow, deep, sustained pressure to unlock the postural patterns that cause your tension, pain and movement restriction.

People are drawn to my practice for various reasons and I believe that the common denominator is effectiveness. My clients often remark that my bodywork style is what they've "always been looking for." Rolfing and The Barefoot Method can help free you from patterns caused by accidents and injuries, overuse, asymmetries, stress and emotional holding.

In addition to being a Rolfer, I am also a psychotherapist. If you are interested in learning about my therapy practice, please visit http://www.govindabader.org.

If you have any questions about me or my practice please feel free to contact me.

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